Black Wall Street Revolution




Fowler & Kelly. Aero view of Tulsa, Oklahoma. [Pasaic sic, N.J.: Fowler & Kelly, 1918] Map.

Let us Rediscover, let us Reunite, and let us Rebuild …

The 2008 housing recession destroyed half of all the wealth in Black America and within months, the 2020 COVID shut down destroyed over 40 percent of Black-owned businesses. A Second Reconstruction is now required to rebuild the African American Community:

A Black Wall Street Revolution.

UMI/UOF  ’s 2021 Black History Curriculum is both prophetic and practical, rediscovering the historical relevance of Tulsa Oklahoma’s’ Black Wall Street while exploring the biblical principles of economic development often seen in Jewish communities around the world.

An armed confrontation between an angry white mob and Black leaders resulted in gunfire. Within twenty-four hours, the wealthiest Black city in America was burned completely to the ground.

It was the only time Americans used planes to attack and kill its own citizens while destroying an entire city.

Hundreds were dead, hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed, and thousands were left homeless and without livelihoods.


One hundred years ago, Greenwood, Oklahoma, was the most prosperous Black town in the United States— it was known as “Black Wall Street.”

On June 1, 2021, rumors of a lynching began circulating; a teenage Black boy was apprehended as the result of a false sexual assault accusation by a young white girl.

The crime wasn’t acknowledged by the city of Tulsa or the State of Oklahoma for over seventy years. Tulsa’s Black Wall Street wasn’t the only Black town to be ethnically cleansed in America. It wasn’t the only city forgotten, where no one was ever arrested or prosecuted, or where the victims were never compensated.

Time has passed, memories have faded, and survivors have died, taking the knowledge of not only how the cities were destroyed but, arguably even more tragic, the knowledge of how the more than 100 all-Black towns were built. Was a biblical blueprint left behind?

BLACK WALL STREET REVOLUTION is the 2021 theme for UMI/UOF’s annual Black History Curriculum. This downloadable four-lesson Black History series explores the historical relevance of Greenwood, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street and rediscovers the biblical principles of economic development often seen in Jewish communities around the world. Enjoy video sermon starters, sermon notes with slide decks, lyric videos, bulletin inserts, posters, and more. All of these downloadable tools are designed to equip and engage God’s people whether you choose to use them in an online or in person service or presentation. Equip others to rebuild what has been destroyed.

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